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Nose Contouring Tricks For Every Type Of Nose


Nose Contouring

Nose Contouring, as opposed to rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is not a viable option for everyone. However, if you are among the millions of Americans who have imperfectly shaped noses, you can still do something to improve it. Unlike cosmetic surgery, nose contouring does not involve incisions, anesthesia, or any surgical tools. You will be given a local anesthetic that will numb the area and then the plastic surgeon will make a small incision. The surgeon then sculpts your nasal bone so that your airway can better fit into its proper shape.

Nose surgery is only an option when your nose is severely misshapen. The reason is that the bone of your nose is more difficult to reshape if it is already misshaped. If your nose is crooked, cracked, has a large peak, protruding, or some other structural defect, then your only solution is to have it balanced out by surgically realigning the bone structure.

Surgeons commonly use the following methods to achieve the desired result. The first is known as the closed rhytidectomy. In this procedure, the surgeon will cut out a hole in your nostril and pull your skin taut over the hole. The hole is then stitched closed.

Another procedure is known as open rhytidectomy. In this procedure, your skin is not pulled tight over the hole. Instead, the skin is stitched together as though it was a sleeve. This way, your nasal bones can be realigned if they are too twisted.

For this operation to be successful, your nose needs to be perfectly round. If it is not, then the contouring is not successful. Your surgeon will only do this on noses that are particularly deformed because if they are not naturally round, he cannot guarantee that they will look good as they should. He may also not be able to adjust them appropriately because of other factors, such as an overbite or undersized nose.

You will need to recover from your surgery. It can take about three weeks for the wounds to heal and for your swelling to go down. After the stitches go down, you will need to avoid any activity that might further irritate your wound. You will also have to stay off your hands and feet until your bruises heal.

You will have to keep your nose clean and avoid activities that could irritate your wound. This can include anything abrasive, hot, or cold. You should not touch your wound with your finger, and if you must do so, then wash your finger beforehand.

After your surgery, you will need to stay away from any type of jewelry except those that are designed for skin-friendly materials. You will also need to stay away from dust for about three weeks. This can be a little difficult to do, but the nose jewelry will only irritate the wound if you touch it after surgery. Also, make sure that your nose is free of bumps and burrs for about six months, which is a normal recovery time. These steps are essential to having a natural-looking nose that is properly balanced and conformed.

As mentioned before, the surgery will change your nose shape and thus the size of your nose. Depending on what you had done, your results may be very different than someone else with the same nose shape and size. If you have any questions regarding your new nose shape, you may want to consult with a rhinoplasty specialist to find out what options are available to you.

As mentioned above, the surgery itself is not pleasant. This is a common result of getting a rhinoplasty. You can minimize some of the discomforts by choosing a doctor who has plenty of experience in performing nose surgeries. The pain usually lasts from a few days to a week or two after surgery. This can be minimized if your nose was thin, to begin with, and if you were prone to snoring, you may also notice that your sleep is not as good as before.

After surgery, you will have some bruising and swelling. This will go down a week or so but can also last longer. Be sure to check with your doctor if there is any additional swelling after you have finished recovery from your surgery. You may also be prescribed antibiotic medication to help reduce the swelling and redness for several weeks after your nose contouring. The antibiotic will help keep your nose clean and will also help you recover more quickly.

Many people find that having nose contouring performed increases their self-confidence. Others notice that they feel more attractive. If you are considering plastic surgery, chances are that you have considered it at least once. Talk to your doctor today and consider a nose job.

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